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  • 23 | 07 New feature Ineffective 2030 Energy Efficiency Goal: Commission Drops the Ball In reaction to the Energy Efficiency Communication presented today by the EC Vice-President Oettinger, the Coalition for Energy Savings considers that the weak 30% figure cannot drive policies and investments further and disregards the higher benefits of attaining Europe’s 40% cost-effective potentials.
  • 27 | 06 New feature ECI Launches New Account on Pinterest Our official account on Pinterest has been launched under the name Copper Mania and it contains already 20 boards featuring a large variety of copper products.
  • 19 | 06 New feature New Infographic 'About ECI' Published New infographic presents our organisation, its value and services to the copper industry value chain and to the copper users across a broad range of end-use sectors.
  • 05 | 06 New resource Copper Busbars - Guidance for Design and Installation Busbars are used within electrical installations for distributing power from a supply point to a number of output circuits. This new edition of our long-standing publication provides the information needed to design efficient, economic and reliable busbar systems.
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Innovating With Copper

Innovations with copper have transformed how many things are made and how they work. Read here about some of the latest copper industry innovations that help improve our daily lives.

A World of Copper

Copper is essential for modern living. It delivers electricity and clean water into our homes and cities and makes an important contribution to sustainable development. More than that, it is essential for life itself. 
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